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Each of us makes many decisions each day. The reasons we make the choices we make vary from person to person and perhaps most of the time we don't even notice those reasons. But, from time to time, we make decisions that shape our lives and perhaps the lives of others. The reasons for making those decisions are worth noting and even sharing with others. This page is devoted to sharing times when our decisions flow out of the Gospel in some way: a text, an image, a reading.
Many wonderful things influence our decision-making: our values, advice we have savored from a friend, a church teaching, and the example of holy people, and many others. These are all ways God may be working in our lives. This page is devoted to the decisions that have been made flowing, in some way, from the Gospels.
If you would like to share such a Gospel-based experience, please tell us the text or source of your inspiration, the decision that you made, and how that decision has affected you and, perhaps, others. Give your sharing a title, sign it with your first name, last initial, date and age. (i.e. Ordination Decision, Fr. Paul G., October 2011, 61). Send reflections to ilritironewsletter@gmail.com


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