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First, we ask that you support us with your prayers for our staff and those who are here on retreat.


 What we charge covers about half of our cost for a person making a retreat. That may not be a surprise if you have stayed at a hotel recently. We do that on purpose so that as many people as possible can have the experience of getting away for a time with God. Any donation that you would like to make is greatly appreciated and will help us provide a place of prayer for others.  Please click on the following link for our general donation fund.

Donated Service

If you or your group would like to volunteer one time or on a regular basis we can match your skills, interests, and availability with tasks that need to be done. For example, GROUNDS BEAUTIFICATION: (1) maintaining the trails; (2) cleaning and whitewashing statues, (3) weeding a flower bed, (4) assisting in clearance of invasive plant species. Contact us for other possibilities.

Sponsor another

We work with people whose financial situation makes it impossible for them to consider making a retreat without some outside support. If you would like to contribute to a fund dedicated to providing assistance to these our brothers and sisters please click on the following donation link for our scholarship fund. ($100.00/day would include meals.)


IL Ritiro Franciscan Retreat Center is a "place of hospitality and respect for all people of faith.  We create an environment fostering a sense of connection with God through creation and beauty..."(Mission Statement)

Our trails are a place where one can walk in solitude and peace reflecting on various life events.  In seeking to enhance reflection we are putting inspirational wording on signs along the trail.

If you would like to remember someone who has been influential in your spiritual journey by donating to a trail sign in their memory we would acknowledge that person by a plaque on the sign. The cost of such a memorial would be $350 per sign.


Wish List

Commercial Pro Cyclone Rake

Large screen TV for Conference Room

Floor and Table Lamps

Energy saving light bulbs

Volunteer Help

 Contact us at 636-274-0554 


Website and E-newsletter Feedback

We would like to know more about your thoughts related to our e-newsletter and website so we can make improvements based on the kinds of information and services you desire. Please complete our survey so we may have a perspective on your opinions. Thank you for your help.

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